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Jack's Big Music Show stars Jack, a puppet with a love of music. In his instrument-filled clubhouse, Jack and his friends play instruments and sing songs. Read more about the series here!

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  • According to David Rudman, each of the main characters' names were based off of character names on The Jack Benny Program (Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Mel Blanc, and the Sportsmen Quartet).
  • The central character designs were directly influenced by those of Spiffy Pictures' previous production, Curious Buddies.

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Featured Character

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The bologna sandwich is a minor character in Jack's Big Music Show.


Unlike most minor characters appearing in the show, the sandwich is an inanimate object who can somehow manage to speak. The character has a high-pitched voice and musical talent.


The sandwich has white bread with brown crust. Inside the sandwich, there is orange-colored cheese and pink baloney.


The bologna sandwich only appears in one episode of Jack's Big Music Show, Silly Show from season two.

Featured Episode


"Snow Day" is an episode of Jack's Big Music Show.


A malfunction of Mel's Sand Making Machine disrupts a Hawaiian Beach Party in the Clubhouse. Surfing turns to sledding as Jack and Mary are joined by penguins and Prudence (Anne Harris) who keep the party going while mechanical Mel tries to fix his invention.

  • Snow Day is the first episode of the series' second season.
  • Five songs are sung in this episode: "Beach Party," "Wiki Wiki Hele," "Sing a Winter Song," "Mahalo," and "Polar Bear."

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